Yoshifumi Shimizu - 11.26th, 1983
After graduating from technical high school, He kept working until the age of 25 at the construction site. But then, just a thought he quit his job and packed the camera he bought for the first time, and he left for the West Coast of the USA a long journey and explore by himself. There, he was fascinated by the free world to peek through from the viewfinder. After he return back to Japan, he studied photography on his own, he started working as an expressionist.Currently, he is involved in photographing for media such as surfing, skate and snowboard as known as "3s" culture, and also music, fashion and a various of magazines and advertisements.

Reproducing all or any part of the photo is prohibited without the author's permission.

工業高校を卒業し工事現場で25歳まで働き続け, ふと思い立ち仕事を辞めBack Packに初めて買ったカメラを詰め込みあてもなく単身アメリカ西海岸に放浪の旅へ.
そこで, ファインダーから覗く自由な世界に魅了され, 帰国し独学で写真を学び表現者として活動を始める.
現在はSurfing, Skate, Snowboardの”3S”カルチャー, Music, Fashionなどの雑誌, 広告などの撮影に携わる.


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